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Not all biography writing services are equal when it comes to telling your tale. Many people create sloppy and ineffective work, even for business profiles. It is critical to find an expert writer who specializes in biographies to ensure a high-quality biography. Our skilled biography writing services have a lengthy track record of producing intriguing manuscripts from the start. In addition to writing, we provide editing and proofreading services to improve your existing content.



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After performing extensive research, our skilled book writers will produce the first chapter. You will be sent the chapter for review.


The procedure will continue until all chapters have been written and approved by you. Following that, we will edit the entire work, making any necessary changes.


Our staff provides full book publishing services such as editing, formatting, and proofreading. In addition, we will promote your book on multiple channels to guarantee that it reaches its desired readership.

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Book Writing LLC, an award-winning organization of professional book writers for hire, will help you turn your stories and ideas into a published book.

Trusted Biography Writing Services

Work with the finest biography writers from across the globe to write your life story.

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Scholarly Chronicles

Our writers help you craft scholarly chronicles efficiently and assist you with structural and developmental editing as well to polish your final draft once the writing is completed. With your valuable input and our experts’ suggestions, we provide you with a best-selling biography. Connect with us for a free consultation today.

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Life History Writing

Our life story writing services are for authors who have something unique to share with the world. Book Writing LLC are helping budding authors connect with their target audience to convey their empowering messages and share their life stories with the help of skilled writers and expert editors. We help you write your story with a unique selling point.

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Intellectual Biography

Your story needs to reach the right audience; hence we help you create a biography that captures readers’ attention from the first page. With our top-rated biography writing services, you can rest assured that every detail of your life will be penned down perfectly to hook readers. If you already have a manuscript, you can share it with our editors, and we will help you turn it into a great book.

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Memoir Biography

Our memoir biography writers are trained to capture all the necessary details of your life into one book. Our team dedicates itself to delivering to you the promise we make. The best part is that we don’t move forward without your approval, and the changes you request are catered to by our writers with each draft’s delivery. If you have a rough draft of your memoir, we can structure it as per your desire and help you publish it.

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Need help getting started with your biography? We will assist you in developing a compelling chronology that highlights your subject’s most formative experiences in life.

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Work with industry specialists to create a unique biography that attracts readers worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about our book editing services, pricing, and process.

A biography is an external perspective on someone's life, while an autobiography is a personal account written by the subject. Biographies cover the person's entire life, including public and private moments. If you need help writing a professional biography, our experts can assist you.

Starting a biography has never been easier! Our expert team will guide you through the process, beginning with thorough research using primary and secondary sources. We connect you with a skilled ghostwriter who will apply their expertise to your project. After understanding your goals and resources, we commence crafting the biography.

The time required for writing and editing depends on factors like the book's length, your revision requests, and the review of submitted materials. Once the full manuscript is ready, we format it according to publishing standards and send it to you for evaluation. Your feedback is essential, and we gladly make adjustments to ensure we deliver the results you desire.

Ghostwriters for biographies usually do not receive royalties and work on a "work-for-hire" basis, getting paid hourly. They can earn money if they are credited as co-authors or if the book becomes highly profitable. In some cases, if the client is a well-known individual seeking financial gain, the ghostwriter might be entitled to royalties.

We understand the significant impact a powerful biography can have on readers and strive to leave a lasting impression. Our team of skilled authors is committed to crafting compelling biographies that effectively connect with your target audience, leveraging their expertise in professional bio writing.

The cost of your biography will depend on factors like word count, number of interviews needed, author's travel distance, and desired deadline. Get a free estimate for memoir writing and editing services by filling out the form above.